Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Disney announces motion picture based on "Epcot"

In case you missed it, earlier today at ShoWest, Disney announced (albeit quietly) a new motion picture being made for a release next fall. The movie will simply be called "Epcot", and will feature a "group of kids who stumble upon a lost area that encompasses the sea, space, automobiles, plants, the future, and the world."
Disney's press release notes the plot revolving around (as of now uncast) tweens who mysteriously stumble into what seems to be another dimension while on Spring Break with their widowed mother. One scene depicts a tween flying a spaceship to Mars to face off against an evil emperor (Dustin "Screech" Diamond"), and another sees a tween journeying deep into the sea to help find Nemo, in an unprecedented showing of live action actors interacting with Pixar familiars. The press release also notes that part of the climax of the film involves a tween growing a mile tall and using Spaceship Earth as a golf ball to attack the film's lead villain, who is rumored to be played by Eddie Murphy.

Disney also notes that other attractions from WDW will make appearances, although in a somewhat more "familiar" tone. For example, the kids will have to save their mother by going on a hair-raising limo ride, a la "Rock'n'Roller Coaster", though the film will remove any mention of Aerosmith and replace them with Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. "The Great Movie Ride" will also appear; but instead of journeying across the great cinematic achievements of all time, the kids will be reliving scenes from "High School Musical" and "Camp Rock".

"Epcot - The Movie" is scheduled to appear in theaters in RealD 3D Fall '10.


Adam said...

Nice. I was very scared at first.

These fuckers would never make an Epcot movie though, because they are scared to death of Epcot. They have no idea what it's for or why it works, they just know its bringing in dolla dolla bills so they keep it around. And make "improvements" once in a while. Like tearing down World of Motion and Horizons, and building Shit 1 and Shit 2 in their place.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't write this. Disney mgmt might sue you for stealing their movie ideas. :P

AnonyMOUSE said...

Funny, because they're making a fucking TOMORROWLAND MOVIE. I read about that and instantly worried that I'd be sued for stealing their intellectual properties.

Seriously, are the fucking dark ages ever going to end?